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When heading out on the mountain, do you know which lens tint to choose? Which colour is best for low light? Which tint performs better in bluebird conditions? Each colour filters light differently and offers varying advantages in different light and weather conditions. Check out our Lens Tint Guides for each brand to head out on the hill in confidence and style.

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How to Choose Lens Colour:
VLT - Visible Light Transmission; this is the amount of light the lens lets through. The higher the number, the more light penetrates through. #####Oakley Oakley sets out to provide goggles with the highest level of optical clarity and protection. The different lens tints offer the greatest combination of colour balance, filtering and visual contrast to boost performance in any light conditions. Whether you're heading into bright sunshine or overcast light, you can rely on unrivalled performance, protection and clarity with Oakley's High Definition Optics™. ######Oakley Prizm Prizm™ is Oakley's ground-breaking lens technology. Heading out in overcast and flat light conditions? The Prizm™ lenses provides supreme management of light transmission so that you can ride in confidence. Consequently, colours become specifically tuned to improve contrast and visibility, so that you can see those textures and contours in overcast light, bright sunshine, or any conditions in between. As 4x World Cup alpine skiing champion Lindsay Vonn explains: '[With Prizm] I'm able to see those holes, bumps and little details in the snow that I normally wouldn't be able to see'. The lenses are designed to work over a wider variety of light conditions than traditional snow lenses. This reduces the need to change lenses if the conditions switch while you're out on the mountain.
Oakley Prizm
#####Oakley Lenses
Oakley Lenses

#####Dragon Lenses
Dragon are a brand who revolutionised the market. They created the first-ever frameless snow goggle, the APX, and their lenses never fail to deliver in quality or clarity. Their latest innovation in goggle technology is through their Transition Lenses - self-adjusting lenses so that you spend less time faffing with your kit. The Transitions Lenses increase contrast and enhance depth perception, automatically darkening in bright sunlight and lightening to yellow in overcast weather. However, even if your goggle model comes with standard lenses, Dragon deliver the highest criterion of technology and craftsmanship in their different lens tints, for light conditions ranging from bright sunshine to overcast, flat light and riding at night.
Dragon Lenses

#####Anon Lenses
Shred from first lifts to last chair with Anon's variety of lens tints. With the mountain weather sometimes unpredictable, it's worth checking that you have your Bluebird, Partly Cloudy or Overcast lens with you. Inspired by the top riders in the world. Anon's progressive design concepts guarantee that you can ride with incredible clarity for an unparalleled experience on the mountain.
Anon Lenses

#####Electric Lenses
Whether you wake up to blue skies and fresh powder, or foggy and overcast conditions, Electric has a lens for every occasion and any condition, covering the full spectrum to enhance your vision from that fresh morning powder to last run down.
Electric Lenses

#####Giro Lenses
From bluebird to full storm, Giro provide a full range of performance-engineered polycarbonate lenses for all light conditions. Every lens tints filters 100% of harmful UV rays and offers a double coating to prevent scratches and fog building up. Select lens tints feature flash mirror coatings to tune light transmission for enhanced vision.
Giro Lenses

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